I will be putting content warnings on the title page of each
chapter so as not to potentially shock or trigger anyone.

Reading beyond those content warnings (and this one), however,
is up to the discretion of the viewer. Myself and comicfury as a
platform bear no responsibility for your emotional and mental
state if you see the warning, continue to read, and become distressed.

Violence and Gore

There will be instances of punching, kicking, stabbing, shooting, electrocuting, piercing, and the occasional lost body part accompanied by lots of blood.
There are also instances of body horror in two characters (though they won't be terribly graphic).


Sexual Themes

There will be mild implications and jokes about sex and sexuality, and mild implications of s-harassment and s-abuse.
As a survivor of SH and long term SA, I intend to handle the latter topics with care


Shirtless men, women in tight clothes and bikini’s, and some cleavage will be in the story... And that's it (lol).


There are occasional instances of strong language; any strong English cuss words will be censored.
I’m not censoring the Spanish ones because they can mean different things in different dialects.

Absolutely no racial, sexual, gendered, etc. slurs will be used in this story.